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Isa's EC Experience

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Visit Vancouver and Learn English in Canada with EC
Isa is a Brazilian Student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story:

Studying at EC

My experience was amazing! The EC staff are very friendly always looking to help. My teachers Tracy and Simon also were really good! Sometimes classes were a little hard but I think that this is good. I also met new and interesting people in my classes. People were different but really nice. I will miss everybody very much and I hope to come back some day soon. Thank you very much!
Advice for Brazilian students
You have to enjoy your trip. Have to understand that this is a kind of experience that many people will not have, so you are very lucky!
Vancouver is a multicultural city, so you have to be open minded and ready to respect new cultures. Not every moment will be perfect. Sometimes it can be difficult. It’s a new country, so sometimes you may feel alone, but that’s totally normal. If you stay in a homestay, that can also be difficult sometimes. It isn’t your house and many things can be different. Again, that’s totally fine. My homestay was different, but amazing.Finally enjoy all of the trips parties, but don’t forget your homework. Remember, studying English is the first priority.Oh, and if your first trip is to a cold place and you are from the hot part of Brazil, maybe it will be better if you choose to go in the summer time.

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