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Carolina: "All of my EC Vancouver classes were awesome"

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Mexican student Carolina graduated from EC Vancouver English School this year


Carolina is a Mexican student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story:

Studying at EC
I was in 3 different classes. First, I was in in upper intermediate, and then by TOEFL. TOEFL was pretty good, but it felt more academic than what I needed, so i moved again to an upper-intermediate general class. All of my classes were awesome. My teachers were really good. They answered all of my questions. The classes were funny and we talked about interesting topics. When i jumped to pre-advanced, it was almost the same. The only difference was the books and topics. They were more formal, but in conclusion, I feel like I had learned a lot about everything from grammar to vocabulary.

I was amazing to make friends with my classmates. Of course yo´ll find people that you like the most, as well people that might not be interesting for you. I think this was the best experience I had abroad. I will remember everything and I am still in touch with my friends <3


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