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"Vancouver is the most beautiful city I have ever seen" – German student Madeleine

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"Vancouver is the most beautiful city I have ever seen" - EC Vancouver student Madeleine from Germany


Madeleine is a German student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story:

Studying at EC
EC school is an amazing school. I made so many new friends there and these friends came from different countries. Sometimes, it was very difficult to communicate with them because everyone had a different accent. The teachers were so funny and everyone smiled. The mood and the atmosphere in class were good and we laughed a lot. I really enjoyed it! The teachers tried to do things that helped me improve. All of the material was very useful and I liked the topics of every lesson. It was the best decision I have ever made. I am very grateful for this time!

Advice for German students
Go to Vancouver, and especially to this school. It was the most interesting adventure of my life. It is amazing and it will help you improve your English as well! You can do so many things in Vancouver! You can go to EC and start to improve your grammar, reading and writing. Also, you can do things with your friends, and that will help improve your speaking!

This picture shows why Vancouver is the most beautiful city I have ever seen before! Vancouver never sleeps, and so at night it is awesome!


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