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Nadine is a Swiss student who took a homestay English Course with EC Vancouver

Nadine is a Swiss student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story:


Hi there 😉
I want to share with you my experiences had at my homestay. The first thing I recognized is that my host family is very generous and hospitable.
The first weekend, they invited me to watch a movie and they showed me a part of the city.

My homestay mom has two little boys. It’s your choice if you want to spend time with them or not, but If you spent time with them, they quickly accept you in their heart 🙂
We were four students in the homestay. Everyone had their own room and we shared two bathrooms, and a kitchen, and a living room. Dinner was always prepared for us and so we didn’t have to wait for it when we had to be back home in the evening. The food was very good, and sometimes she surprised us with home-made cookies or pancakes for breakfast.

What I enjoyed the most were the evenings with the other students. Sometimes we watched a movie together or we decided to walk to a McDonald and eat a McFlurry…
EC tries to make sure that you don’t spend too much time only with with people from your own country. I think that that’s very good.

PS: You are responsible to make sure everything stays clean – It’s a good exercise for your future 😉
PPS: I think I don’t have to say that I really enjoyed my time at my homestay, and that I think it’s the best way to spent time in Vancouver. It’s obvious!!!  🙂


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