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Yunfang's EC Memories

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Yunfang is a Taiwanese student who graduated from EC this year. Here is here story:
Friends Made in Canada
I made a lot of friends, who come from  all over the world, ror example, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Switzerland, Italy…etc.
Some of those friends I met in class, and some of them I met at the EC student lounge. Every person has a different personality. One of my friends, who comes from Brazil, is really different from people who are from Asia.
She is open-minded about relationships with more than one person, and learning that was a culture shock for me. I met my other two friends during my last month of my I stay in Vancouver. They come from Korea and Japan. The Korean girl is still studies in EC now, and the Japanese girl is going around the world with her boyfriend. All of us work in our country, and we have similar paths in life. We had a wonderful time together when we stayed in Vancouver. Now, I hope that they have a good time in their studies and travels.
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