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Andreas' Homestay in Vancouver

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Andreas is an Austrian student who graduated from EC this year. Here is his story:
Homestay in Vancouver
I enjoyed my time in Vancouver a lot. I liked the city, the the weather was perfect, the school and my classes were awesome, and my host family was especially great! We did a lot outdoor activities together, like playing volleyball. Furthermore, they took us to a lot of places that we wanted to see. They took us to an ice hockey game, and a big outlet mall, where we spent almost the entire day! I enjoyed the food that our host mom and dad cooked for us and sometimes, especially on weekends, we ate together. Sometimes, my host father made a barbecue for us and we ate together with the other host students. In my family, there was one girl from Columbia one girl form Switzerland, another girl from Austria and me. I really enjoyed spending time with my host family. They are great! I think in with this trip to Vancouver, I made friends for life. I hope that I will stay in touch with all the members of my host family, and all of the friends that I made in Vancouver. I met people from all over the world! Our host family also promised to visit me in Austria. I really look forward to it.
Advice for Austrian students
I would recommend that you study in Vancouver. The city is perfect for it. Vancouver is not so big and it is really varied. This means that you can go to downtown to see the city with big skyscrapers and malls, and when you go only 5 minutes by bus, you are in a completely green area. Vancouver is perfect for outdoor activities, especially in the summer. So everybody who likes to go hiking or cycling has to go to Vancouver. My advice for everybody who plans to travel to Vancouver to learning English is to make many friends from other countries, because when you have friends who don’t speak your language you have to speak English with them, and then your English improves a lot. One place which I can recommend to hike there is Quarry Rock. It is such a beautiful place. I went there with my friend and we watched the sunset there. It is really worthwhile to go to Vancouver to get better at English. I enjoyed my time there and I would go there again.
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