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Amanda's EC Vancouver Memories

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Amanda is a Brazilian student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story:

Trips and Activities in Vancouver
Vancouver is such a beautiful city, with so many places to go to. I studied there for only three weeks, and unfortunately, I couldn’t visit all the places I wanted to. However, the places that I did visit were so beautiful that made my trip worthwhile.

The most amazing trip was to the Rocky Mountains. The scenery looked like a daydream. I was thrilled by the color of the lakes, the mountains and the blue sky. I went by my own but met a lot of Brazilians (as always), as well as Swiss and Japanese guys. It was really nice!

Visiting in the Rockies was like having a big dream. Each view made me think about everything I’ve been through to be able to experience this feeling. Each lake made me feel more and more grateful. Happier. Complete. Each place I’ve been to in Canada showed me that this is why I came to this world. I came to dream. To fly. To live. Even when I just think about it now, my heart beats fast.

Thank you Canada!

Advice for Brazilian students
Stay for more than three weeks. There are so many places to go to!

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