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Wonmo's EC Vancouver Memories

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358 Wonmo


Wonmo is a Korean student who wanted to share with us one of his memorable experiences here at EC Vancouver. Here is his story:

Activities Enjoyed in Canada
The best memory I have was one that I made with my friends from EC Vancouver. It is the Soccer League from Club ESL. There were two Divisions and 16 Language schools that participated in this soccer league.

Before we started to play in this league, our captain Samir, who is from France, and I, had been looking for players who can play until August and play very well, and finally we organized the team. Actually, it was not so easy to organize one team. However, every match was amazing, besides the tournament which was after the division series. We finished the division series ranked first, and there was only one game that we lost during the division series. It looked as though we were even going to win the tournament and it was real. We won the tournament and became the champions in Vancouver.

The last game, the final match, was the hardest. The opponent was ILSC, which was best team last year, but we did our best and finally, we reached a penalty shootout as the score was tied 0-0.
Unfortunately our first kicker missed first penalty kick and they scored on their first kick. I felt calmer than when they hadn’t kicked it because I was the goalkeeper and I love penalty shootouts. I never get nervous when I do a penalty shootout, even in such a big game, because I believe that this is the best chance for me to be a hero, when I save lots of shots. And I did it. I saved 3 shots continuously in spite of the fact that some of our kickers missed. Finally, we became the champion of the club ESL soccer league 2016.

Of course, I cannot forget this moment and I will remember it forever. This is undoubtedly the best memory I have from EC and Vancouver so far. I’ve enjoyed myself with my honorable teammates and again I’d like to say thank you so much for everything, and I love you guys. Also, I’d like to thank EC Vancouver for a good opportunity to participate in this soccer league that I love.

Advice for Korean students
Please do not miss our country and get homesick. Think positively. If you come to Vancouver in winter, you probably will get annoyed due to the terrible weather, but just think positively. In the summer, it is perfect to stay here.

This is the most valuable time to study English in an English-speaking country. We do not know when we will be able to study English in an English-speaking country again.

My last piece of advice that they might like is to try to make a lot of friends who are from many different countries. You will learn their interesting and valuable cultures and experience, as well as their view of life. I believe that this is the best chance to broaden your horizon. And try not to speak our mother tongue.

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