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Kanata's EC Vancouver Friends

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Kanata is a Japanese student here at EC Vancouver.

He has decided to write about the awesome friends he made here in EC Vancouver Here is his story:


Friends made at EC Vancouver 

I was able to make a lot of friends. That’s why it’s too difficult for me to talk about my friends.

So I’ll just talk about Arda and Tristan!!

Arda is from Turkey and he is really kind to everyone.

Tristan is from France and he is a really funny guy.

We always go to the pub and drink!!

They are important to me because they can make me happy and they can make me smile. Whenever I was depressed about something, they always gave me advice and made it fine.


Advice for Students who want to make friends

You can speak by yourself, but if you don’t talk to anyone, you won’t make any friends. That’s why you should talk to people and not be shy!! You have mouth, so you can speak about your hobbies and find common things.

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