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Till's EC Vancouver Experience

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Till is a Swiss student here at EC Vancouver, and he would like to share about his experience. Here is Till’s story:

Hey, I have the pleasure of the telling you about my experience here in Vancouver. I live in Zürich, the biggest city in Switzerland, and I used to work as a social worker. Every day I meet different people from different cultures, which is new and very interesting for me. The people are very friendly and open, which isn’t normal in my city. A lot of people in my city don’t want to meet other people or speak with them. Here, the people say hello and can remember your name. I try to speak a lot every day and to find out about other countries, which is a very good experience for my job and my life. By the way, I am happy that I chose Canada. I know the weather is cold and rainy. However, the people are warm and sunny, and that is what counts.

Even though we are all from different countries with diverse lifestyles, we understand each other and enjoy time together. It is important to appreciate other people and be happy with yourself.

Thank you for letting me share my experience with you.

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