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Anne-Florence's EC Memories

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Anne-Florence is a Swiss student who graduated from EC this year. Here is her story:

Trips and Activities Enjoyed in Canada
In Canada, especially in Vancouver, you can enjoy a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities. The Rocky Mountains trip was the most impressive and memorable experience in my last three months in Vancouver. The trip takes a long time and gives you an impression about the vastness of Canada. In the same amount of time, I could have flown back to Switzerland or driven twice around it. I enjoyed several stops at famous lakes: Emerald Lake, Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, etc. Each lake is unique. For instance, the blue-green colour of Emerald Lake is rare and worthwhile to see, but Moraine Lake is my favourite because of the high snow-covered mountains in the background, the wood branches and the colourful kayaks. A picture can certainly capture a long-lasting memory of the experience. Throughout the trip you gain new impressions of the countryside and the Canadian lifestyle. You also meet new faces and entertain with friends – you learn about their dreams, hobbies, future plans.

In addition to the Rocky trip, I went several times to the Grouse Mountain with friends. There, you can challenge yourself with the Grouse Mountain trail, which contains a great deal of stairs and a nature path. You are sure to feel sore muscles the next day! But when you see the view over the city and the sea, it compensates for the suffering. Shortly before my leaving back home, I took the gondola to the top in order to enjoy the winter and the Christmas atmosphere with a light walk.

Advice for Swiss students
Don’t just spend time in the city, but travel around: Victoria, Whistler, Rocky Mountains…
Enjoy the variety of international food.
Speak English with people from the same country outside of school


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