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2 Apps to keep up with your English

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The most important thing when you’re learning a second language is keep practicing. Sometimes you need to go back home and it’s hard to find way to continue your studies. Here you’ll find two of the most popular apps to keep up with your learning. Duolingo is the most famous app for people that want to learn languages. You can set how much time you want to spend per day and you get notified to study. It’s addictive! You can challenge your friends as well, creating a competition and see who is improving faster! The app is available on App Store, Google Play, for Windows and for online.
Another app is called HiNative. This app is all about community. You can exchange knowledge with native people and have them correct your pronunciation, asking them how can you say a specific word or if your sentence is right and many other things. This app is also available on App Store, Google Play and online.

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