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Testimonial: Laura Elisa Alves Amorim

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Laura Elisa Alves Amorim

We love when our students want the share their experience at EC with the others. Here is the testimonial from Laura Elisa Alves Amorim. She started at EC Vancouver at the end of June this year.

When I started making my plans to study in Vancouver, I imagined that I was going only for English classes, but to my surprise, when I arrived there I realized that EC has much more to offer!
In my first week, our group went to Deep Cove. As soon I got off the bus, our activity leader took us to the trail through the woods. It was a bit difficult, but when we arrived at the top of the mountain I was surprised by the view. It was stunning! I took so many pictures to show all my friends in Brazil.
In my Last week in Vancouver, we went to Lynn Canyon Valley. It is much more than only a suspension bridge. I had an amazing surprise when I saw the river with cliffs and transparent water. People were sunbathing and swimming in freezing water. By the river, it was possible to see the rocks over the water and the trees surrounding the area.
The school is amazing and I loved every single moment at EC Vancouver!
I will never forget my EC experience!

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