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A great alumni story by Soyi Jung

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Soyi from Korea shares her experience in Vancouver and EC! She stayed with EC for around 7 months and has improved her English level from Elementary to Intermediate (TOEFL)!

“I arrived Vancouver in the winter. When I first got here it snowed everyday. Vancouver is famous for its ski resort, so I went Whistler with my friend. It was beautiful place and had a lot of snow. We enjoyed skiing there. If you visit Vancouver in the winter I recommend going to Whistler. I think it will be a good time for you.


Vancouver has many famous places. For example, Stanley Park, English Bay beach, Canada Place, Gas town and so on. English Bay beach is one of my favorite places. It is famous for sunset. When the sunset is over, the color of the sea is so beautiful. Some people take a walk on the beach with their pets.

I studied at EC Vancouver with my friends from other countries. It was very special experience for me. When I first arrived here I was afraid of English and couldn’t say anything, but now I can communicate. Of course, I still need a lot of practice. I participated in free classes these days. Especially I liked free conversation class and pronunciation class. It was very helpful to me. My goal is to communicate freely in English when traveling around the world. I will study harder for the rest of day and have fun with my friends.
If someone asks me what is the best thing about Vancouver I’ll answer the beautiful landscape, clean air and kind people. I’m waiting for Vancouver’s summer. I heard that it’s very beautiful and lively, so if clear sunshine comes I’ll be happier than now.”


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