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The Autumn is coming in Canada!

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The Autumn is coming!

One of the most beautiful seasons are almost on the corner you need to get ready for this. It is the perfect time to rest after summer, enjoy the rain, the cold breeze and specially to witness the trees and shrubbery turning brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red.

Check out the website Tourism Vancouver and choose some great places to enjoy the nature.

1 РStanley Park 

Stanley Park is an incredibly beautiful place to view the fall colors.
Go around the seawall or check the trails, The park is one of the biggest and most beautiful parks all around the world!

2 – Queen Elizabeth Park

Located in central Vancouver atop the city’s highest point, this 130-acre park has gorgeous gardens featuring both deciduous and evergreen trees. When the colors start changing, the juxtaposition of the evergreens, gardens and red/orange hues of the trees that are morphing into winter hibernation is simply breathtaking.

3 РVan Dusen Botanical Gardens 

Take the Laburnum Walk through Van Dusen Botanical Gardens, which features an eclectic mix of plant life that turns to crisp yellow throughout the fall. Also take a look at the ponds in the center of the park for a nice colour pairing of lily pads on the water and the surrounding plant life.

4 РUniversity of British Columbia (10 kilometres, 6.2 miles) 

The leafy campus of the University of British Columbia is a great choice for leaf-peeping. Located at the far western end of the City of Vancouver, the grand old trees lining the Main Mall turn spectacular colours, but the on-site UBC Botanical Garden is also full of reds, orange and yellows during autumn.

5 -Grouse Mountain 

Although it’s filled with evergreen trees galore, Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver is still a sight to behold each autumn. The grasses on the open ski runs turn dozens of shades, as do the various shrubs and smaller trees, making this mountain an amazing place to hike during the fall. There are also myriad viewpoints of the city and surrounding mountains to enjoy.




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