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Main Street

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One of the greatest perks of learning English at EC Vancouver is that our school is right in the centre of downtown Vancouver. When at school, you’ll never have to worry about long walks to the nearest pub or restaurant. But did you know there’s more to this vibrant city than just Downtown? Try visiting Main Street. This hipster-esque street of joy will bring you and your friends enough happiness to spend an entire day at. Here are some hidden gems, for after your EC English Courses in Vancouver!


Brunch and Shop

Start of the day with brunch at the Wallflower. The poached eggs are delicious and will energize you for the next couple of hours. That energy you need across the street to indulge in some vintage shopping at F as in Frank Vintage. Franks store specializes in 80’s and 90’s clothing and has a secret little room in the back were the prices are just too good to ignore.

After shopping, you can treat yourself at Liberty Bakery – a couple of blocks uphill. Make sure to get a cardamom cinnamon bun, because those are to die for! When you’ve boosted morale with sugar and coffee, try Neptoon Records right next door for some funky tunes. It is the oldest independent record store in all of Vancouver and it has the largest selection of used and new vinyl in town.

A nice treat 

Hopefully five will be in the clock by now, so you can have cocktails at The Shameful Tiki Room. Without any windows, this Polynesian inspired place might be a little hard to find, but the search is rewarding. If it’s your first time here, share a mystery bowl full of juices, rums and secret spices. After the first sip it’s easy to imagine yourself with a Hawaiian shirt in the southern Pacific.

If you managed to behave yourself on the rum you might find yourself feeling hungry by now. Try Chickpea, located on the same block. With the owner trained in Israel, you can be sure this place has the best hummus in town. The entire menu is vegan but also meat-lovers have been heard calling this their favorite place in Vancouver.


Late night tunes

Finish your night at Fox Cabaret. Formerly one of North America’s last-remaining porn cinemas, its new owners have transformed (and fully pressure-washed) this independent nightlife venue, ditching the dodgy flicks in favour of live music, DJ nights and regular events like Saturday’s Alternative Dance Party and Sunday’s popular comedy night (Lonely Planet).

Exhausted but satisfied it’s time to go to bed. Hopefully you’ve come to realize there’s more to Vancouver than just Downtown. Explore its neighborhoods, it can be absolutely rewarding.


Wallflower: 2420 Main Street

F as in Frank:  2425 Main Street

Liberty Bakery: 3699 Main Street

Neptoon Records: 3561 Main Street

The Shameful Tiki Room: 4362 Main Street

Chickpea: 4298 Main Street

Fox Cabaret: 2321 Main Street

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