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The Bed Cinema

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For the first time ever here in Vancouver, “The Bed Cinema” makes a grand entrance in Kitsilano. And for all the movie lovers out there, you can’t miss this!

For a limited time only this summer, The Bed Cinema will screen 5 movies for one week. The entrance fee is $35 per person or $65 for couples. The price includes pillows, blankets, and an LED-lit nightstand. 

Anyone can book any of the 150+ double beds and enjoy watching a blockbuster movie under the stars with their loved ones or alone!

Vancouver usually hosts such outdoor events and activities. However, this specific event is unique and different than the previous ones because it offers the comfort of a bed. In other words, the event offers a lifetime experience and a chance to join the world’s largest outdoor bed cinema!

Learning English in Vancouver is an excellent way to kick start your career and explore Canadian culture. Join EC Language Centres in the many tours, activities, and free classes we offer to our students to help them expand their vocabularies and pronunciations.

Above all, EC Language Centres is an English school in Vancouver. We have different locations around the world carrying the same ethos, which is dedicated to providing the best student experience possible. Stay in tune with us and check out The Bed Cinema website to know more about the event and tickets.

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