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Getting a Driving License in Vancouver

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Driving in Vancouver is safe and many wish to get a license. Vancouver provides easy methods to exchange your license or to get licensed with the graduated learning program.

Getting a license in Vancouver is easy even if you want to exchange your license to a Canadian one. By law, have 90 days to switch your license into a Canadian one.

On the other hand, the graduated license program allows you to get a learners license after doing the computer test at most ICBC locations.

Once completed, new drivers receive a Learners license which they must obey certain conditions and rules as stated below :

  • Drivers must be supervised by a 25 year old with a full class 5 license.
  • No driving between 12 am – 5 am
  • Display the L sign at the back of the vehicle.
  • 0 tolerance policy for alcohol and drug use.
  • No cell phone use.

After one year of having a Learners, drivers proceed to the Novice stage where they can drive alone but are restricted to one family member and one friend.

Novice drivers must display the N sign at the back of the vehicle and maintain 0 blood alcohol levels.

After two years, novice drivers can take the full class 5 license which removes most restrictions and therefore obtain a class 5.

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