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Public transportation in Vancouver

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The transit system in Vancouver is very easy to get the hang of. Using the Compass card, we can easily recharge it online using a credit card or by using the vending machines at every Skytrain station.

The Compass card itself costs $6 and can be recharged with added value or by purchasing monthly passes depending on how many zones you require. We recommend the monthly pass so that you can get an ease of mind and ride unlimited times.

To reach the following areas from downtown Vancouver, you can either take the sea bus, bus, or Sky train. The Sky train has 3 different routes, the Millennium line, the Expo line and the Canada line. Below are some examples of how to reach different areas in the lower mainland using the public transit system.

  • North Vancouver from Downtown : You can either take the sea bus or the bus.
  • Burnaby, Coquitlam, Surrey and Vancouver from Downtown : You can either take the Expo line or the bus from Downtown as well as the Millennium line.
  • YVR airport, Richmond or south Vancouver : You can easily take the Canada line or the bus from Downtown Vancouver.

Exploring Vancouver is easy with the city’s public transit. Learn more about different cultures and events across town with the ease of travelling.

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