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5 Reasons to study in Vancouver

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There are many reasons to study in Vancouver and Canada. Below you will find 5 compiled reasons that we believe are important that makes our city unique and beautiful :

Seaplane Parked
Mountainous Backdrop around Vancouver
  1. Amazing weather : It doesn’t snow that often but it doesn’t mean that we don’t get any snow at all! We have mountains that are still covered in snow!
  2. friendly people who are willing to help you with anything!
  3. Strong diverse culture and many communities that reside in this land we call home.
    • You can easily make friends from different cultures and people from around the world because Vancouver is a multicultural city!
    • You can buy and find your favorite food almost everywhere due to the fact that many communities and cultures live in Vancouver!
  4. Many outdoor places, activities and events are opened throughout the year to accommodate the weather and visiting tourists. It’s green and beautiful! Also, did we mention that we have many islands around?
  5. Great transit system that will literally take you everywhere for an excellent price. Shuttles are available to take you to Seattle, Tofino, Rockies, Alberta, Northern BC and all around the province with increased shuttle services in aim to reduce traffic and congestion.
Vancouver's Nature is Beautiful all around
Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver

There are more than 5 reasons to study in Vancouver. We have compiled a short list to tell you more about our lovely city.

With all that in mind, the Mountainous backdrop in Vancouver gives its infamous background known around the world.

Join EC Vancouver and take this wonderful opportunity to expand your English knowledge and experience a unique city with a magnificent culture that welcomes and hosts many different nations and races from around the world.

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