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Welcome New Students to EC Languages Centres!

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EC Languages Centres welcomes you to beautiful British Columbia!

EC Languages Centre New Students
Hello new students and welcome to Vancouver!

This week, EC Languages Centre in Vancouver welcomed many students from around the world. We are very happy and excited to meet every single one of them!

We met together on Sunday afternoon and conducted the walking tour around Downtown Vancouver. Students had the opportunity to meet each other and also get to know the city a little bit more. We told them about certain rules, cultural differences and also must-know places that they will need in Vancouver.

After the walking tour, we all had lunch together at Whitespot restaurant, which is a local favorite. During lunch, we all got to know each other and learned more about the city, school and program. It was a lovely experience for everyone and wish them all good luck in their ESL courses!

Vancouver and Canada in general is home to many different cultures and communities. There’s always something for everyone! Not to mention our free classes and EC based activities, there are endless restaurants, activities, parks and events all around town. So make sure you check them out and learn more about North American culture!

Check out our blog posts to learn more about Vancouver events and activities. With that in mind, taking English courses in Vancouver with us (EC Language Centres) allows you to learn English in a professional environment that’s dedicated to providing state of the art experiences!

EC Languages Centres placement levels range from beginner and elementary to advanced and complete proficiency. We also have test preparation programs like Cambridge and IELTS based courses.

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and pricing! Also, visit our website at and follow us on instagram @ec_vancouver and facebook @ecenglish.vancouver

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