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Car Free Day Vancouver

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Car Free Festival is coming to a street near you this weekend!

Car Free Day festival is a celebration of Vancouver’s diverse neighborhood communities and cultures. The event organizes multiple arts and cultural festivals around the city, closing off traffic and focuses on public spaces. Artists, Nonprofits, Businesses, residents and people from around the world engage with each other and re-imagine spaces dedicated for cars and reshape them into public spaces.

Car Free Day


What? They close the streets and have a public fair for everyone to enjoy and interact with each other.

Why? Engage with other locals, artists, residents and businesses.

Main Street Car Free Day 

Where? Broadway to 30th, Main street, Vancouver, British Columbia.

When? June 16h from Noon to 7pm.

How? Walk down Broadway and Main Street all the way to 30th and Main Street.

Denman Street Car Free Day

Where? Denman street and the West End. Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.

When? June 15th from Noon to 7pm.

How? Walk down Robson Street to get to Denman Street and English bay.

To learn more about the volunteering opportunities and the Car Free Day celebrations and activities planned, visit their website to know more.

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