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English + Photography in Vancouver

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

The photography industry is very popular in Vancouver because of the breathtaking mountain views and fascinating high-rises. In Canada, professional photographers earn $40000 to $60000 CAD per year and you don’t need much to be one – only talent and a short course to learn the technique and the details of the industry.

Enjoy Photography with VanArts

One of EC’s university pathway partner, VanArts, offers and trains future photographers to succeed in the competitive media job market.

Talent is not enough nowadays because many people have access to camera, however you need professional skills and dedication to learn how to work with the equipment and different people. However the most important aspect is to learn how to sell yourself to the market.

Upon graduating, students are ready to work right away in the industry because they’re given the correct skills and knowledge to proceed forward. With that in mind, it’s the best thing in Canadian education – career oriented education and practical learning.

Photography and English courses with EC Vancouver and EC Partners

To make money as photographer, you should be prepared to build your own website and portfolio, talk with clients, liaise with other professionals from the industry and so forth.

So why not to combine your holidays with something really useful? Use EC Vancouver to improve your English and learn professional writing, speaking and presentations skills!

Similarly, use VanArts to find out more about settings in your lovely camera and laptop! Enjoy the beautiful city of Vancouver and meet many new international people and make Canadian friends too!

Enroll in EC Vancouver and enjoy any program you want! 20/24/30 lessons per week, along with English for Work, English in the City, English for Academic purposes or IELTS preparation classes and much more!


Ask Stephany!

Portrait by Stephany

Our students tried it, and  liked it very much! Just read what Stephany has to say about the program and courses!

“For the lovers and beginners of photography this course is amazing. You will learn a lot of incredible things, like how to handle your camera, the basics of light,  exposure, landscapes and portraits.

Not only you’ll learn a lot about photography but also you’ll interact with professionals and Canadians, which is an amazing opportunity to improve your English and exchange knowledge in the photography area.

You will also attend photographic studies and various sites in the city where you can get the best shots.” – Stephany Villamarin

With that in mind, hurry up and book this unique program at EC Vancouver and explore the best shots in this city! EC collaborates with VanArts to give our student unforgettable experiences during their short stay in Canada.

A 10 weeks course is designed to provide basic knowledge in photography and improve your English at the same time.

Just bring your camera and laptop and stat your personal development today! The Program at VanArts has two intakes:

  • July 2, 2019
  • September 16, 2019.

Join EC Vancouver…

and learn more about the different opportunities our pathway programs and partners have to offer.

Above all, contact us anytime via our social media accounts, website, or call +1-604-683-1199 to speak with one of our staff members.

All picture are by Stephany Villamarin.

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