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Lakes in Vancouver

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The many lakes that reside in Vancouver

There are numerous lakes in Vancouver like Metro lake, Sasamat lake, Whyte lake, Buntzen lake, Burnaby lake, Cabin lake, Alice lake and many, many more. Vancouver and the lower mainland is popular for its beautiful nature and the outdoors!

Sublime lakes are to be seen across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Below are some of the few popular lakes here in Vancouver:

Metro lake: this is a quiet, calm and beautiful lake in north Vancouver on Lillooet road. You can enjoy the beauty of nature, but can’t swim.

Sasamat lake: Beautiful white sand beach located at Belcarra Regional Park, Port Moody. What can go wrong? This is best place to swim or to simply have a picnic or sunbath. It’s a very popular destination during the summer time.

Whyte Lake: A small and peaceful lake that is near to Horsehoe Bay, in West Vancouver. This lake is surrounded by forests and greens all around.

Buntzen Lake: Buntzen lake is a beautiful lake which is very popular for hiking. It is located in the northern side of of Anmore, Vancouver. This is also popular for swimming, fishing and boating.

Burnaby Lake: Burnaby lake is located in the heart of Burnaby. It is located at 4519 Piper Avenue, North Burnaby. This lake is best for sightseeing. It is easily accessible via transit or car.

Cabin lake: A beautiful and quite busy lake located in west Vancouver, near Cypress mountain. This lake is best for swimming and hiking.

Nonetheless, There are endless parks, and outdoor destinations in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The province is known for its nature and simple green beauty. To learn more about our EC English Vancouver programs, visit us in-house on the second floor at 570 Dunsmuir street, downtown Vancouver. We have English levels for all of your needs and requirements! You may also visit our website or social media accounts to learn more about our school and beautiful city.

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