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Vancouver Deep Cove

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Beautiful Deep Cove

Deep cove is a beautiful seaside small village in north Vancouver. It faces the open waters with beautiful mountain views.

This wonderful place is thee spot for boating, walking, kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming, running, hiking and many other things! It’s a local favorite due to its beautiful nature and breath taking scenery. It’s also a superb place to take pictures and BBQ.

There are many shops like the only and only Deep Cove ice cream parlor, coffee shops, restaurants, and local crafts and clothing stores in deep cove. The honey doughnuts & goodies are to die for! They are very famous here in Vancouver! You must try these doughnuts because they are unique and super tasty!

Boats in Vancouver Deep Cove

If you want to enjoy the nature and feel relaxed, then we highly recommend you to just go there! You can hike then enjoy the beautiful scenery and area. Or you can also kayak or paddle board then eat some delicious Deep Cove pizza. There are also many parks nearby deep cove like Cates park and Seymour Mountain.

Nonetheless,There are number of interesting events and activities that are hosted yearly or per season in deep cove like the penguin plunge, various summer concerts, and Deep Cove daze extra. So you can come and enjoy these festivals at this beautiful place during the different times of the year. There are also free concerts and live music in summer evenings. If its one thing we need to mention about Deep Cove, then its the fabulous view and scenery. The view of the mountains is great because you can see nearby islands as well. There are lots of parking spaces if you need some as well.

Above all, contact EC Vancouver to learn more about our ESL courses and classes to explore Vancouver and the beautiful province of British Columbia.

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