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4 Ways to Learn English Around Vancouver

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When choosing the destination in which to learn English, it is important to ensure that the school you are going to has high academic standards. It is also important that the city you will live in can contribute to your learning process. For example, EC English not only cares that the methods used by its teachers are the latest in teaching, but also ensures that you will feel comfortable in the city where you are. Among the many destinations that you can choose to learn English in, today we will talk about Vancouver: a charming city that is located on the Canadian west coast and that we’re sure will dazzle you.


Vancouver is the third largest city in Canada. In recent years it has been considered one of the safest cities worldwide. Without a doubt, its landscapes, its people and its culture will make your experience abroad unique. Here are five tips that will help you maximize your Vancouver experience and help you take your learning out of the classroom.

Learn English and the Local Culture

Vancouver is a young and culturally rich city with festivals, concerts and other cultural activities happening all year round. To fully explore and enjoy this destination, we recommend that you participate in the “English in the City” special focus classes. Its purpose is to help students immerse themselves completely in the fabric of the city and learn more about its culture. With thematic classes and a specialized curriculum, “English in the City” transforms you from students to locals.

Ask Teachers to Recommend Activities

In addition to being your teachers and helping you learn a new language, they are also familiar with the city. More than anyone, they will know what the best activities around the city are. With these activities on your agenda you can learn English while making unforgettable memories.


Conocer la ciudad y su historia te ayudará a sentirte más seguro

Look for Other English Students

Because of its cultural wealth, Vancouver is a city that attracts people from all corners of the world. In this city you will find many foreign students who are attending a Canadian university and those who are taking English courses abroad. For example, students of many nationalities attend EC English school. Which means that you will have the possibility of making friends and practicing your English with a vast and varied group of people.

¡En el verano podrás realizar recorridos alrededor de la ciudad en bicicleta!

Take a Guided Tour of the City

Once you’ve made some friends, invite them to take a tour around the city. We guarantee it will be an unforgettable experience and it will also help you feel safe and familiar in your new home. There is so much to see and do within Vancouver’s centre that you may forget the city is in an area with such breathtaking landscapes. We recommend that once you feel at home, you venture out and make small trips beyond the city. You can go see whales, visit the Victoria gardens or take a trip through the Rocky Mountains.

So, are you ready to learn English abroad?


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