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5 Beaches to visit in Vancouver and why

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Beaches are for everybody to enjoy!

Vancouver is beautiful all year long, with amazing views and climate, the city lives between the west coast mountains and greens. The beaches are one of the many attractions of the city and thus there are many activities and things to do in Vancouver. However, we would like to share 5 beaches that are close to EC Vancouver and Downtown that can be enjoyed all year long!

With that being said, there are many activities to do at the beach whether its laying down and reading your favorite book or listening to your favorite album, or even taking a nice long walk, or going for a swim… or even surfing! Below are 5 beaches we recommend you to visit during your time here :

Inside the Downtown Vancouver core

English bay beach: English bay beach is one of the most popular and crowded beach in Downtown. Specifically, it is in the west of the Downtown peninsula and false creek. Highly recommended for the beautiful sunset! Oh, and the polar bear swim!

Sunset beach: Sunset beach is a beautiful beach close to English Bay. It is located in the west end, near Burrard bridge. We recommend this for a beautiful walk and sunset viewing! And soccer!

Second beach : Lovely beach to visit inside Stanley Park. Popular for its cycling route and rest stops.


inukshuk at the Beach

Outside the Downtown Peninsula

Kitsilano beach: A popular choice outside of Downtown Vancouver. It is located at the north edge of Kitsilano. You can surf, swim, take a nice long walk, or even play basketball and volleyball! Lots of events happen here all year long.

Jericho beach: Jericho beach is located at west of the seaside. Hot destination for a nice picnic, eh?

Spanish banks: Spanish banks are series of beaches in Vancouver that is located between Locarno beach to the east and the grounds of the university of British Columbia to the west.

Nonetheless, all the beaches above mentioned are beautiful and attractive. Vancouver is one of the finest destinations to visit and live in. Studying English in such a beautiful city can only help pave the way towards a brighter future!

Above all, visit EC Vancouver to learn more about our English courses and study programs in Canada.

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