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5 Benefits From Studying Abroad and Making Friends

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Why study English abroad?

There are many benefits from studying abroad and making friends from around the world. Studying in a foreign country may sound difficult, but it is actually easy because you meet great people and have amazing experiences that helps you grow as a person and human being! Canada is an amazing place to study and live in. There are many benefits from studying English at EC Vancouver as well. We cater for our student experiences and offer a community for people to explore the city and make lifelong friends! Our English classes offer the best educational methods and teachers who are interactive and always helpful.


1 ) Share and make happy memories!

It is all about learning and enjoying yourself at the same time! The best of two worlds! Here at EC, we make sure that you meet people from around the world and have the opportunity to experience the city!

Speaking is an important skill to practice constantly!


2 ) Enjoy the city with the company of people and friends!

Studying abroad can be tough for certain people because we can’t live away from our families or friends.. However, when you meet new people abroad, you feel that you have made a new family and friends that you can count on! You will be shocked to know that you may share similar likes of music and movies!


3 ) Practice English and study together!

It is important to practice English. It is even better to practice with someone who is in the same class as you because you share and learn similar material!

Meet new people from around the world and practice your English skills!



4 ) Building connections for future work and opportunities.

Making lifelong friends and sharing experiences with others is important. You can find your next international business partner or peer. You’ll never know!

5 ) Meet friends in their home countries.

Imagine you make a new best friend and they live in a different country that you’d like to visit like Korea, Brazil, or Japan? Studying English abroad allows you to build connections and make new friends from around the world while also learning and practicing English.

Share memories and experience the city!


Ready to learn English in Canada? Contact EC Vancouver and learn more about our English programs and University Pathway course that allows you to transcend to a post-secondary institution in Canada without doing any English based testings like IELTS or TOEFL.

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