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Learning vocabulary words expands your speaking

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Vocabs are crucial and noteworthy

Vocabulary boosts your English

Learning more words in a language helps make it more beautiful and tonefull. Vocabulary makes the conversation more interesting because if we repeat the same words it may sound redundant. In other words, using the same words over and over again maybe limited or boring. Take English courses in Vancouver and expand your speaking, writing, reading and listening skills.


Below is a list of some vocabulary words that you may encounter in your in Canada and English speaking countries:

  • Appease: to bring a state of peace, calm
  • Reckon: believe, expect
  • Whittle: cut small bites
  • Uniform: clothing of distinctive design worn by a member of group
  • Industrious: characterized by hard work
  • Adverse: in an opposing direction
  • Advantages: giving a benefit
  •  Appropriate:  suitable for person, place or situation
  • Enthusiasm: a feeling of excitement
  • Capacity: capability to perform
  • Artificial: contrived by art instead of nature
  • Independent: free from external control
  • Faithful: loyal and reliable
  • Petulant: easily irritated
  • Nauseous: causing a feeling sick
  • Strengthen: make strong
  • Conform: be similar
  • Describe: giving a statement representing something
  • Discord: lack of agreement
  • Perplexing: lacking clarity in meaning
  • Attention: the act of Concentrating on something

Vocabs can make you sound more proficient

Vocabs can help you make your English sound more poetic and beautiful

Nonetheless, there are endless vocabulary words that you can use in your daily life. Learning more of them may help you expand your learning and ability in speaking and using English fluently. Likewise, you can learn different words regarding different topics and specific matters to make your speech sound more interesting! Dictionaries are one of the best resources that you could find. However, the best way to actually learn them is to use them. So everytime you hear a new word you don’t know, write it down, then use it in your sentences so that you can create meaningful ideas!

So start learning!

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