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Why study English in Ireland?

Choose to learn English in Ireland for a couple of weeks, months or even a year and you will have an experience you will never forget.

Although Ireland has its own language and unique cultural identity, English is the universal spoken language and is one of many reasons why so many multinational businesses are located here. That's what makes Ireland an interesting mix of tradition and history, and forward-thinking modernity. Achieve your goals in Europe's most entrepreneurial country

  • Experience life in one of the world's friendliest and safest countries.
  • Dive into Ireland's rich cultural heritage with its own distinctive music, culture and sports.
  • Be amazed by its beautiful, green countryside. It's why Ireland's called 'the Emerald Isle'.
  • Have a lot of "craic" - craic (pronounced like “crack”) means "fun". 
  • Easily explore Ireland's famous cities like Dublin. Galway and Cork.
  • Celebrate St Patrick’s Day anywhere in Ireland on March 17. 

Our English schools

Incredible locations

Take a step outside any EC school and find yourself in the heart of an exciting, vibrant city, with sights and attractions all around you.

Modern schools

We offer the best environment for effective learning and positive, informal interaction. Our schools are stylish, comfortable and have the latest technology.

Best staff

The EC team exists to support you and ensure you have an amazing time with us. Professional, helpful and friendly, you will receive the best service.

Global community

Our students come from over 140 countries worldwide. Learn about different cultures, broaden your world view and make lasting friendships as you improve your English.

EC English Schools in Ireland

Let us help you improve your English at one of our bright, modern schools.

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