A unique school exclusively for those aged 30 years and over

Academic Semester/Year in Malta

Taking the time to seriously focus on your English will open up unlimited opportunities for you. This programme is for students who study for 24 weeks or more. 

You will develop fluency, accuracy and appropriate uses of English across all four language skills. You will benefit from excellent guidance, monitoring and feedback throughout this course. 

As your English and your confidence improve, you will broaden your horizons and gain a huge advantage in your chosen career or education.

On a personal level, studying abroad will give you incredible experiences. You will challenge yourself, become more independent and make lasting international friendships.

Your journey to success

From the day you arrive at EC we will plan your route to fluency. You will be guided through these steps:

  1. Sit a placement test to determine your level of English
  2. Join a class with other students of the same level
  3. Meet your teachers, mentor and Academic Semester/Year Co-Ordinator
  4. Receive your personal Language Portfolio
  5. Embark on a first class course to develop your English across all four language skills
  6. Receive constant guidance, monitoring and feedback
  7. Receive continual assessment through class tutorials, homework and regular level tests
  8. Have confidence your learning is on track as you progress towards fluency.
  • Lessons


    400 USD
    per Term

  • Lessons


    400 USD
    per Term


Reasons to take this course

  • You want to enter university or embark on a master's degree
  • Your level is between Beginner and Advanced
  • You want to give yourself a clear advantage in the workplace and expand your career opportunities
  • You want to take a worthwhile sabbatical learning English before continuing your education or career
Starts Every Monday
Lesson length 45 minutes
Length 24 weeks minimum
Lessons per week 20 (15 hours) or 30 (22.5 hours)
Level Beginner to Advanced
Minimum age 16 (18 from 20 Jun to 26 Aug)
Students per class 12 maximum


Get qualified

Have the opportunity to certify your skills and prepare for an internationally-recognised exam, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or one of the Cambridge ESOL exams.

In addition, as an Academic Year student you will be awarded an EC Diploma or an EC Certificate of Merit at the end of your course.

Tutorials and support

A strong network of support will ensure your time with us is as successful as possible. You will receive three levels of support:

  • One-to-one meetings with your personal mentor
  • Class tutorials with your class teacher
  • Your Academic Year Co-ordinator

Language Portfolio

Exclusive to our long-term students, this unique study tool will assess your learning style and offer strategies to help you improve.

Your language portfolio will record your personal learning requirements, goals and achievements, and evaluate your progress in tests and assignments.

Additional benefits

  • Free Academic Workshops.
  • Competency Descriptor for each level.
  • Structured guidance on participation and motivation.
  • Regular homework and progress and level tests.

Electives - Tailor Your Learning

Study 24 or 30 lessons per week and choose from a varied selection of electives including:

Culture & Communication

Understand how communication varies between cultures.

Write Now

Improve your skills in writing for different audiences.

Get Talking

Practise conversation, develop confidence, and achieve fluency.

Basic Writing Skills

Boost your written English and gain practice and confidence.

Media Studies

Sharpen your analytical skills by studying a variety of news media.

The Language of Music

Explore different types of music and learn the English to discuss.

Film Studies

Analyse and express your thoughts on different films.

Survival English/Living in English

Gain a practical understanding of English.

Grammar in Real Contexts

A focus on how English is structured.

Global Citizenship

Discuss issues such as the environment, equality and globalisation.

Academic Techniques in Practice

Learn how to write assignments, take notes and prepare presentations.

A World of Words

Learn about and discuss world issues and global geography.

Testimonials block

  • Florian


    studied at EC Malta 30+

    I would recommend EC Malta because the employees are very helpful. Whatever your problem they find a solution. They are very qualified. What I like about the school is that they have small groups, good teachers, and the staff and technology in the classrooms are better than most universities in my ...

    See more

  • Kay Keusen

    Kay Keusen

    studied at EC Malta 30+

    Would I recommend EC Malta? Why certainly! I’m impressed about the organisation ofthe school. If I have any problems the customer care will solve it quickly.EC organises a lot of helpful events to connect with other students. EC Malta has very good teachers - they’re responsive for you and help ...

    See more

  • Mila


    studied at EC Malta 30+

    This autumn I spent two months in Malta studying English and preparingfor TOEFL exam. I decided in favour of EC School as it had a lot of good reviews in the internet, and I have never regrettedmy choice. I had had no experience in TOEFL before this course so everything was ...

    See more

  • Renato


    studied at EC Malta 30+

    I would recommend EC Malta because Malta is an amazing and friendly country, studying here is like being on vacation. Here you can find people from all over the world, make new friends and learn about different cultures.The staff at the school listens to you and problems are solved fast. ...

    See more

  • Ebru


    studied at EC Malta 30+

    I think EC is the best English school in Malta. EC teachers are good and I'm happy with them. Myfavourite activity is the Pronunciation Clinic.I visited Comino island with some friends I made at EC and we all enjoyed it a lot. I recommend future EC students to visit Comino ...

    See more

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