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Volunteering Programme

Improve your English while volunteering in South Africa

EC Cape Town’s Volunteer Programme

Volunteering is an incredible way to develop and grow as a person, while at the same time contributing in meaningful, lasting ways to various communities and the broader environment. Anyone can volunteer, and as long as you follow your passion by doing what excites and motivates you, you will be able to find a cause or project that suits you and where you will be able to do the most good.

What can you expect?

Besides the clear benefits an extra pair of willing hands contribute to every project, there is a wealth of direct personal benefits also to be gained by being part of a volunteering experience.

Another major benefit of participating in this Volunteering Programme is that your English will improve while you are living and volunteering in South Africa.

Volunteering and Learning English

You will improve your English naturally as you work at the volunteer project, but you are also able to combine your volunteering experience with an English language course.

Since most of the programmes require at least an Intermediate (B1 or B2) Level of English, we recommend that you enroll for a short English course (around 2 weeks, or longer) with EC Cape Town before you begin volunteering.

Project Categories

EC Cape Town partners directly with several organisations in South Africa. Some of them are based in Cape Town, while others are based elsewhere in South Africa.

There are two broad categories of volunteering opportunities: Animal-based and Community-based.

Not sure which EC English course is right for you?

We offer a wide range of courses to help you meet your goals. Let us help you find your perfect English language course.

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