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EC English Language Schools offer diverse courses across the UK tailored to every student's needs. Whether learning English for professional advancement, furthering your studies, or broadening your horizons, you'll discover top-notch facilities and friendly teachers in some of the UK's most exciting cities. Learning English in the UK isn't just an educational choice—it's a pathway to new opportunities equipped with the linguistic skills you need for success.

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EC English: A Fresh Perspective on Language Learning

At EC English, we're at the cutting edge of language education, offering experiences that pave the way for personal and professional achievements. We aim to foster an engaging and effective learning environment that prepares you for future success.

Start your journey to fluency with EC English in the UK, where learning goes beyond the classroom to foster real-world skills and confidence. Unlock your potential in the cities that have been the cornerstone of English education.

Learn English in the UK, where language meets opportunity!

Learning English in the UK: FAQs

Thinking about learning English in the UK? Here's some information that may help! Deciding to learn English abroad is a big step, and we’re here to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Whether you’re just starting your research or getting ready to pack your bags, you probably have many questions. We’re here to help you achieve your dreams and make the most of your learning journey in the UK.

  • Which city is best to learn English in the UK?

    Choosing the best city in the UK to learn English in depends on your preferences and goals.


    With its vibrant, multicultural environment and endless opportunities to practice English in various settings, London is perfect for those seeking an energetic city life.


    Brighton offers a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere by the sea, ideal for students who enjoy a lively arts and music scene.


    Cambridge, renowned for its academic excellence and historical charm, provides a scholarly environment.


    Manchester, known for its friendly locals and rich industrial heritage, combines a dynamic urban experience with a strong cultural scene.


    With its creative spirit and picturesque setting, Bristol offers a unique blend of history and modernity.

    Each city has a unique appeal, so consider what kind of experience you want when choosing the best place to learn English.

  • Why study English in the UK?

    There's no substitute for learning a language in its home country from native speakers. Our English language courses in the UK provide this immersive experience. You'll save time and effort and achieve fluency faster, surrounded by native accents and colloquialisms.

  • Benefits of Studying at British English Language Schools

    Dynamic Educational Environment: 

    Our schools integrate you into the daily lives of native English speakers, enriched by the UK's vast cultural and ethnic diversity, offering an unmatched educational atmosphere.

    Cutting-Edge Teaching Methods: 

    Our methods leverage the latest technologies and interactive activities, including workshops and simulation exercises, to ensure a comprehensive learning experience that rapidly builds your skills and confidence.

    Worldwide Recognition:

    Our institutes are globally accredited, recognised by international educational authorities and suitable for all standardised tests

  • Requirements for Learning English in the UK

    - A valid passport with at least six months remaining.

    - Formal acceptance from a UK English language school.

    - Tuition fees paid in full.

    - Adequate funds are needed to cover living and housing expenses.

    - A study visa (where applicable).

  • Which English course should I take?

    Learn English in the UK, and you will find various language courses tailored to your specific needs and goals:

    General English Courses: Designed for all English levels, these courses are a practical immersion into everyday language skills like speaking, listening, reading, and writing. General English classes are the perfect choice if you want to improve your English for academic or work-related purposes!

    English for Work: Ideal for professionals, these courses focus on the language used in work and business contexts, such as presentations, business communication, interviewing techniques, and negotiation skills.

    Exam Preparation Courses: Perfect for those preparing for English language exams like IELTS or Cambridge exams. These courses help you master the skills needed to succeed in these tests.

    Academic Year Courses: These programs are for long-term study (24+ weeks) and provide an immersive learning experience. They help you achieve fluency and a deep understanding of English.

    One-on-One Lessons: Offers personalised learning with a private English teacher to address your specific language needs. This can be booked as an add-on to any EC course. 

    Contact us for advice on the course that best fits your goals. Let's discuss your options and start your journey to better English!

  • Do I need a visa to study in the UK?

    Whether you need a visa to learn English in the UK depends on your course length and nationality. You can find more information on our visa page here, or you can check if you need a UK visa here: Check

  • Do you offer accommodation

    Yes! We offer host family or residence/student apartments. 

    The accommodation can be booked in the following categories:

    Room Only: There are no meal provisions and facilities for cooking are not available.

    Self-Catering: Students have access to a kitchen or kitchenette to prepare all their own meals.

    Bed & Breakfast (B&B): Breakfast is provided but students must make their own arrangements for other meals.

    Half-Board: Breakfast and dinner included. Students must make their own arrangements for lunch.

    Full-Board: Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

    Read more about EC accommodation

  • What are the teaching methods?

    Our teaching methodology is how our teachers can guide you on your English language journey. Our Approach aims to put you, our students, at the centre of the learning process - The Communicative Approach with a twist!

    As well as incorporating all the key elements of the Communicative Approach – learner-centred classes, a focus on communication in real-life situations and an engaging classroom atmosphere, we have also implemented the latest research into learning. This ensures that each student is fully involved in their learning process – so you will:

    ✓ Know what you are learning.

    ✓ Know why you are learning it.

    ✓ Learn how you can use it in real life.

    ✓ Know what success will look like.

    ✓ Spend time learning how you can learn more effectively.

Study English in England

At EC English, we've been helping students achieve their language goals in England for years. Choose one of our courses and study in some of the UK's most vibrant cities. London offers a bustling international hub with a rich cultural scene. Improve your English while experiencing one of the world’s most iconic cities. Brighton combines a vibrant arts scene with seaside charm, perfect for those seeking a creative and relaxing environment. Cambridge provides a prestigious academic setting where you can enhance your English in a scholarly atmosphere. Manchester is ideal for football enthusiasts and music lovers, with its rich industrial heritage and lively cultural scene. Bristol features a dynamic cultural scene and maritime history, blending historic and contemporary England. No matter your destination, studying with EC English in England ensures valuable language skills and unforgettable experiences.

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Study English in England

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