A unique school exclusively for those aged 30 years and over

Icons accomodation block

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Telephone

  • Bed Linen

  • Half Board or Bed and Breakfast

  • Single Room

  • Towels

London 30+ Homestay

Any student will find that living in homestay accommodation is the best way to practise English outside the classroom. You will be treated as a close friend of the family, couple or individual that you are staying with and will have your own freedom whilst being respectful to the family’s rules and expectations.

A homestay in the UK may consist of an adult couple with or without children, or a single adult. It is the ‘Family Atmosphere’ that is the most important factor. There may also be up to three other students in the family but they will speak a different native language from yourself. Housing very much varies here in London. You may be placed in a house (semi-detached/terrace and detached) or a bungalow or a flat/apartment.

Families in London are of many different nationalities and backgrounds, but the main language spoken in the house will be English.

All our host families are carefully selected and each inspected at least once a year.

  • Twin room


    £180 GBR

  • Single room


    £190 GBR


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