Bristol Homestay

  • Internet
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Telephone
  • Bed Linen

Homestaying is the perfect way to experience home-away-from-home. You will enjoy all the comforts of home life: security, comfort and home cooked food, plus, you will have a unique cultural experience (it's a great way to directly learn about British culture). In addition, you will be able to use your English in a natural environment outside of the classroom.

The homestay consists of mixed gender accommodation with single or twin room (if you book with a friend). Each room is furnished with a bed, desk/table (if not in the bedroom, you will be able to use a designated area for studying), chest of drawers or a wardrobe, mirror and a waste paper basket. Some rooms have TVs.

Additionally, students will have access to common areas such as the lounge, kitchen and dining room. It is important that rooms and living areas are kept neat and tidy. Students also have access to a shared bathroom.

Bed linen and towels are provided by the homestay provider. Our homestay provider will offer one wash per week - anything extra will be at the homestay's discretion.

Internet access is available and telephone access is restricted to incoming calls only.

A variety of food is provided. Homestay providers may adjust the type of food offered when taking into consideration religious beliefs. It is important to mention this at the time of your booking. Vegetarians, or people with food allergies should specify their eating options upon booking so this can be shared with their host prior to arrival.

Breakfast varies from one homestay to another. It is usually self-service and includes bread, coffee and cereal. Hosts are encouraged to offer students whatever is typical for their home.

You will eat whatever the hosts eat. Dinners are usually quite early in Britain but hosts will inform you of the time when they eat. All students are expected to buy their own lunches.

Homestays are arranged directly by EC or by our accommodation partners.

Accommodation arrival day: Saturday
Accommodation departure day: Saturday




  • From £165.00 p/w



    Room type Price
    Comfort, Single Room, Private Bathroom, Bed & Breakfast £235.00 p/w
    Comfort, Single Room, Private Bathroom, Half Board £260.00 p/w
    Standard, Single Room, Shared Bathroom, Bed & Breakfast £165.00 p/w
    Standard, Single Room, Shared Bathroom, Half Board £190.00 p/w
  • From £210.00 p/w

    King Square Twodio Residence


    King Square Studios, Dighton St., Bristol, BS2 8AU

    Room type Price
    Standard, Single Room, En Suite, Self Catering £210.00 p/w
  • From £270.00 p/w

    Pro Cathedral Studio Residence


    Pro Cathedral Park Place Bristol BS8 1JR

    Room type Price
    Comfort, Single Room, En Suite, Self Catering £270.00 p/w

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