Student Lounge now open!

After much preparation, and much shopping for the biggest and best flatscreen TV, EC Boston is proud to announce the opening of our new Student Lounge!  The lounge features comfortable couches to relax on, as well as tables and chairs to sit around and chat, have lunch, or even study, which EC students sometimes do!   The lounge overlooks Boylston , one of Boston’s biggest and busiest streets, so in addition to being home to a 50-inch Samsung LCD TV, the lounge also makes a great people-watching spot.

Of course, eating lunch in the lounge requires a modern fridge and microwave, both of which are available.  Don’t try cooking in the fireplace, though!  While it (and the wood in it) are very real, it’s closed up to prevent the refreshing Boston winter air from entering the lounge.   We hope students will enjoy using the lounge as much as we enjoyed outfitting it.  However, students caught not speaking English in the lounge will be asked to clean the fireplace!

The lounge TV! On the screen: a phrase that is never heard at EC Boston




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