GMAT / GRE Courses and Tips

If you want to go to graduate school or business school in the US, you’ll probably have to take the GRE or the GMAT test. These standardized tests have verbal, math, and writing sections, and can be pretty difficult. EC Boston offers exam preparation courses specifically designed for international students — showing you how to take advantage of your own special skills as an international student to achieve a high score. Here are some tips that can help you get the score you need:

Keep your regular schedule before the test: Don’t change your daily rhythm or your sleep schedule in the days leading up to your test. Eat at the same time you usually do, exercise if you do so regularly, and don’t disrupt your sleep schedule to study. Changing your schedule only introduces stress and makes it harder to focus on the test.

Be careful of preparation books written for native speakers: The GRE and GMAT are hard for Americans, too, and there are a huge number of preparation books written for them. However, international students and Americans often have different needs. For example, you are probably much better at math than most Americans, so a lot of the math practice in some books may be too easy for you. On the other hand, books written for Americans typically have no grammar lessons, or very few. Which brings me to the next tip. . .

Learn English: The GRE and GMAT are written in English, and even if you can read English comfortably, the faster you can read the more time you’ll have to think, even on the math sections! Many of the math problems are written, and if you read English slowly or make mistakes, you might miss an important detail. And of course, learning vocabulary will really help you on the verbal section, where words are used that most Americans don’t even know! EC Boston’s GMAT and GRE prep courses include plenty of grammar and vocabulary practice for international students, and we offer General English courses as well, if you need to build up your English before enrolling in the GMAT and GRE courses.

Study with other people: I think studying is fun, but maybe that’s because I’m a teacher! Studying for these tests is hard work, and it’s much easier if you have someone to study with. It can be someone from your class, a friend who’s also taking the test, or even a friend who’s not taking the test but just wants to improve their English. So get out the preparation books, order some pizza, and have a great night studying and talking together!



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