Art show Review of, “workworkworkworkwork” by Ms.Jeungyun Kim

On July 21, I saw two exhibitions in the ICA, the Institute of Contemporary Art, in Boston. I want to tell you about my favorite exhibition, by the artist Charles LeDray.
Charles LeDray is an American artist.  He was born in Seattle in 1960.  Now, he lives and works in New York. He started to make sculptures using fabric, carved bone and wheel thrown clay. Before he was an artist, he had never trained as a fine artist.  He opened his first exhibition in west London. He made all his sculptures using his own hands and the sculptures are really tiny so he spent a lot of time to make the sculptures. For example, he spent three years to make, “Mens’ suits.”
When I saw his sculptures, I thought I entered a dolls’ house, because almost all of them were really small. There were many vases. The sculpture’s name is, “Throwing Shadows.” All vases are black and they are also small. Each vase has different shapes. The vases make shadows because of the light. The vases were put on a white table so it is easy to distinguish. In the other glass display case, there are vases that are colorful. They are a little bit different shapes from the black vases, but they are also attractive. If you think the vases aren’t detailed, you are wrong. All the sculptures are really detailed, so I can understand  why he spent a lot of time to make a sculpture.
I want to recommend this exhibition to everyone. Especially, I recommend it to people who love dolls, and who are interested about fashion. The sculptures are really small, but they have a lot of details and they are fashionable. If you see the sculptures, you can feel a child’s perspective. I’m sure that you will also love his sculptures and you will recommend this exhibition to other people like me.



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