How to study for a test!

No one can ace a test without truly studying and understanding the material. If you really want to get an A+, you will need to have thoroughly prepared yourself for the content of the test far in advance. In addition, there are several techniques that you can use in the few days, hours, and minutes before the exam that can help boost your performance.

  • Plan your time. All schedules are flexible if you play around with them.
  • If you have some extra time, use it. It’s always better to be over prepared for a test rather than unprepared.
  • Look over everything, fix all your mistakes and try to think about what might be on the test. Make sure to put stars or a mark on that information.
  • Make a Review Sheet and give yourself mini tests. Study with a friend!
  • Revise, summarize and review. You can either study this information, or sum it up by typing a report that includes everything that you think will be on the test.
  • Study in good place for you. You might like to go to a school library, where it is reasonably quiet, but, you have the satisfaction that others are watching you study hard! Remember that while it may be pleasant to have some music playing in the background of your session, make sure the study session doesn’t become an excuse to simply listen to music.
  •  Make up a song or story that is going to get stuck in your head about the information. It’s an easy way to know the information!
  • Either be ready, or ask for a blank study guide. Fill in the blanks just like you were taking a test, and check for mistakes when you are finished. This can be repeated many times and is a great way to learn tough information.
  • Find a method that works for you and don’t let others distract or tease you over that. If that means listening to your study notes on your ipod or using goofy flash cards don’t worry, you will do better on the test!
  • Start studying early and often, then you won’t be in a hurry and you will be prepared for a quiz.
  • Make study notes from the notes you made in class. Highlight the key facts.
  • Always carry around flash cards with you in case you have a couple minutes to go through them.

Good Luck!



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