Announcing EC Boston’s new student newsletter!

EC Boston is very excited to announce the formation of a student newsletter! The first edition is set to be released on Friday, May 27th.

We are looking for students to write no more than 100 – 150 words on anything they are interested in. From interviewing fellow students, writing about any event they attended, to just writing about life in Boston in general – we want to hear about it!

Writing for a newsletter is a great opportunity to practice your writing skills and we believe it will benefit the students greatly.

Because it is a student newspaper, EC Boston is even having a contest for the title of it! Come to the front desk and fill out the quick form with your idea for the title of the newsletter by the 20th. The top 3 -5 titles will then be voted on by the students.

Feel free to come to the front desk and chat with Kirsten or any of our Student Ambassadors about becoming a part of the newsletter!



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