Want a partner to help practice your English? Join EC Boston’s Conversation Partners Program!

One of the best ways you can practice your spoken english is by taking time to speak with native speakers. Boston is a great place to learn english because the city has a very high population of students year-round.

When you take part in the program, you will be matched up with a native speaker who wants to take part in the exchange as well. Students and their partners meet for an hour once a week whenever and wherever works best for both of them.

Taking part in this amazing program will allow non-native english speakers a way to pick up on phrases and pronounciations that are used day – to – day that might not be easy to pick up on while in class. Its also a great way to experience the Boston / American culture and learn more about what life is like for other students.

If you are interested, come talk to either Kirsten or Stella!



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