EC Boston explains the use of music while studying.

EC Boston explains the use of music while studying.


The issue whether the use of music while studying is good or not is inconclusive, but there has been extensive research about the affect of music while people are studying. Perhaps this is because our learning capabilities are varied: some are auditory learners, while others are visual or spatial learners and so, the impacts of music to us are likewise different.

But generally, concentrating on studying is best achieved when there is not any distraction around us. Concentrating is hard when your brain is processing other things aside from what you are studying.

However, if you prefer listening to music while studying because you learn better, just choose to play music without any lyrics, called ambient music, because it is more relaxing, and soothing to listen to. Or better yet, listen to the music before studying or reviewing something. Music that is said to enhance learning by creating a more relaxed mind is the classical music like “Mozart”.