Tips for Becoming a Better English Reader

How do you feel about reading in English? Are you scared and nervous? Does it take you a very long time to finish reading something?

Here are some tips for you to help you become a better reader in the English Language!

  • Reading in your native language and reading in English should not be very different! You can use the same strategies!
  • When you read, first ask yourself, “Why?”
    • If you are reading to find specific information, you can just scan
    • If you are reading to find the main idea, you can just skim
    • If you are reading for fun, you can take your time
  • When you read, you must put your dictionary away!
    • When you use your dictionary while reading, you can’t understand the story!
      • Using your dictionary when you are in the middle of a sentence will make you forget the sentence. You will have to read the same sentence again, which will slow you down.
  • Try to understand the meaning of the paragraphs without looking in the dictionary
  • Use the sentences before and after to help you understand the meaning of new words
  • If you are reading to find the main idea, knowing every word is not important!
  • If you can’t understand a word from the context of the paragraph, finish reading first, then look-up the word in your dictionary.
  • Reading faster can actually improve your comprehension!
    • Reading slowly, focusing on every word can distract you from the main point
    • Reading faster can help you see main ideas
      • Check your habits; Do you:
        • Say the words in your mind when you read?
        • Follow the words with your finger or pen?
        • Read every word ?
        • Use your dictionary in every sentence?
      • If these describe your reading, you must STOP!
        • Making the sounds of words is not necessary to understand!
        • Following words with your finger or pens forces your mind to slow down
        • Reading every word is not important for comprehension
        • Your dictionary will make you forget what you are reading