Sonnet Therapy

Hey Gang! A Sonnet is a great way to think about some of the issues or challenges in your life. The first 8 lines discuss an issue and then the final 6 lines should discuss a resolution so, if written honestly and correctly, writing a sonnet can actually help you!! Another thing I appreciate is that the rules of Sonnets are intended to be broken, so the only bad sonnet is the one you haven’t tried to write yet! Personally, I appreciate a good Petrarchian. Peace & Balance – Chris W.

“In Degrees”

Animals behave in a feral way, hand to mouth
Eyes seeing shades of gray alone, and undistracted
By burdens of color, instinctively attracted
And reacting purely as a bird flying south

Moving by day, maintaining space once done without
As the Moon rises to claim a mere second place
From the Sun’s similar fate beside your sweet face
At the equator I see, in degrees, no doubt

An old woman washes clothes squatting by the road
In the rain, breathing smoke unlike the green bike
She once knew, wondering if old ways are valued
Despite what we now do. In near days I’ll practice
You this way; like I learned you in school
Upper case love letters of ink
Unafraid of grammar’s rules
Or what the teacher might think



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