A Few Minutes With Ryan G. with Yukari Kodani from Japan!

A Few Minutes With Ryan G.

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Yukari Kodani from Japan. I had some interesting questions for her and she was ready.

Ryan: So, Yukari, why did you choose to come to Boston?
Yukari: Can I tell the truth?
Ryan: Of course. I want the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Yukari: OK. There aren’t as many Japanese people in Boston. My teacher in Japan told me that there are a lot in California.
Ryan: I see. And you don’t like Japanese people?
Yukari: No! I do like Japanese people but it’s much better for my English.
Ryan: This is very true. Next question: what is your favorite English word?
Yukari: (nose begins bleeding) Blood!
Ryan: Oh my goodness! Is that your favorite word?
Yukari: No! I always have this problem when I don’t sleep well. Can I go clean it?
Ryan: Of course! Take care of yourself. (sits by himself for a couple minutes)
Yukari: (returning) Sorry about that!
Ryan: It’s not a problem. OK, your favorite English word.
Yukari: “Take it easy.”
Ryan: That’s 3 words! But that’s OK. Why do you choose that?
Yukari: Because I’m going my own way.
Ryan: You’re a very independent woman, huh?
Yukari: Of course.
Ryan: Alright, next question. What did you have for lunch today?
Yukari: I bought a croissant and yogurt from Au Bon Pain.
Ryan: Nice, do you like French cuisine?
Yukari: Mhmm. I usually pack my lunch but I didn’t have time to pack my lunch yesterday because my sister was here visiting universities.
Ryan: Ah, OK. Is that why you didn’t sleep well?
Yukari: Yes
Ryan: And that’s why your nose started bleeding?
Yukari: Yes
Ryan: It all makes sense now. I’m learning a lot about you today, Yukari. Last question: if you were an EC teacher, who would you be and why?
Yukari: So I have to say my favorite teacher?
Ryan: Well, maybe. Your favorite teacher and the teacher you would be don’t have to be the same teacher.
Yukari: OK. I choose Nora!
Ryan: Great choice! Why her?
Yukari: She used to be my Core Class and Vocabulary Elective teacher and I learned a lot of good vocabulary from her.
Ryan: Very nice. Do you like to dance?
Yukari: No
Ryan: Do you like to make silly jokes?
Yukari: No, I have a bad sense of humor.
Ryan: I’m sure Nora could help you with both of these problems, maybe not the nosebleed, though..
Yukari: 😛