EC Boston recommends: New England Aquarium!

New England Aquarium

On Wednesday, April 18, EC Boston had an activity at the New England Aquarium, conveniently located 3 blocks from our school!
Teachers Shelly and Ryan G. took a group of curious students eager to learn about the many creatures that reside in the wet, wild, and wonderful world of water (too much alliteration?).

Some of the main attractions included the sting ray tank, the jellyfish exhibit, the penguins, the seadragons (A “Must-See”!), and Myrtle the Turtle, aged 75-80, who has been at the NE Aquarium since its founding in 1969: over 40 years! We left feeling more like oceanographers and not much of an appetite for seafood (but rather for pho noodle soup). We will certainly be back soon for some more fun under the sea (copyright, Disney)!