Poem Power with Chris

As a method to improve your English, the use of figurative and metaphoric language can help you express yourself in powerful and unexpected ways…A poem doesn’t always have to be about love (although the best ones usually are!) …It can be written as a way to relate historical events in the tradition of the bards, allow the reader to see the world through the unique lens of the poet’s eye, or simply to explore what it means to be alive …

“Gardens of the Satyr”

The Serpent

Forced to advance by a faith of the tongue
can a serpent taste the warm breath of the Sun
forbidden to us, and Pandora’s pollen like yellowed leaves
from old fruit trees fallen?

The Bird

Freed from transient issues
transportation released though
in sublime subordination to the least
of other beasts, it wears a cloak of light,
of sight, yet feasts upon the worm by night

The Worm

From the worm are we fleeing,
and to the worm return in being
were it not for that slight sting of light
between birth and our last turmoil I’d say
“Remain worm soil to spare the pain of seeing.”

Of Man

We exist bound by ether
beyond collective thought, and quick
betwixt each blink given a bare glimpse
of the bounty upon life’s table
and eyes so close to focusing
then closed again before we’re able

Of The Sword

A pastoral death is its own reward
like the plowshare beaten and stored
for Sunday
must first be your paladin sword
and hungry
to taste just one pagan more
and thirsty
to toast one glory day more
and yearning
beneath a surface
of pacific purpose
yet sullenly turning
one sod row more

Of The Truth

Though mildly amused by a Red Wheelbarrow
no chance do I claim The Answer
I’m just trying to be a harrow in the
Gardens of the Satyr

– for Kahlil Gibran