A Few Minutes With Ryan G!

This week, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Ms. Eliana Lopez from Bogota, Colombia.

Ryan: Hi, Eliana. How are you?
Eliana: I’m fine and you?
Ryan: Fine, thanks. Eliana, tell me about your hometown.
Eliana: Well, it’s a big city.. hot, so hot.
Ryan: Too hot?
Eliana: Yes, like 30 degrees Celsius.
Ryan: Which in Fahrenheit is…?
Eliana: No. Fahrenheit? No.
Ryan: What do you do for fun?
Eliana: I hang out with my friends, drink some beer, go to the cinema..
Ryan: Drink beer at the cinema?
Eliana: No! (laughs) Actually, you can drive to the liquor store and play really loud music in your car with all your friends.
Ryan: So it’s kind of like a “drive-thru” club?
Eliana: (laughs) Something like that.
Ryan: OK, what is your greatest challenge learning English?
Eliana: Hmm.. watching TV shows in English and trying to understand everything.
Ryan: Which TV shows do you watch?
Eliana: Have you ever heard of “Pretty Little Liars”?
Ryan: No… do you relate to the show’s title? Pretty? Little? Liars?
Eliana: Just the first part.
Ryan: (laughs) OK, your first child: a boy or a girl?
Eliana: Hmm.. a boy.
Ryan: Name?
Eliana: Juan Andres.
Ryan: Why?
Eliana: I don’t know… I like the sound of it. It’s a mix between Juan and Andres and it’s not too common.
Ryan: Good point. Alright, and what is your favorite dance move?
Eliana: Well, I love to dance to reggaeton. Do you know reggaeton?
Ryan: Yes, of course. But what is your favorite dance move? Like, move your shoulders, move your arms like a chicken, etc?
Eliana: I guess I move my hips?
Ryan: OK, good move. And your last question, if you had to have horns like a goat or ears like a rabbit, which would you choose and why?
Eliana: What kind of question is THAT?
Ryan: C’mon, Eliana, people want to know this stuff!
Eliana: OK, rabbit ears.
Ryan: Why?
Eliana: Because it’s cute! Rabbits are so cute.
Ryan: I totally agree.

If you have any suggestions for questions or would like to be interviewed in this segment, you can email me at ryanleegillespie@gmail.com!