Poetry Power with Chris

This is a poem in three parts about pulling away from life for a while, perhaps to address a sadness or hurt, in order to regroup and come back even stronger. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week !!

1. Luminaire

Sole candle burning on silent moon surface
Unique in lack of need for breath to leap
From fra to mare, austere, in seas deep
Lighting halo craters to burn in pureness

Lunar valley seared soil unseasoned
And unturned yields no harvest though
Sunlight cannot reach the ice at the poles
So existing removed from Imbrium’s basin

Above the world turns in perfect obscureness
Candlelight on black sky what concern have I?
They live and die, in time all comply, tonight
collective eye divine my purpose

Earth as seen from Moon orbit
Earth as seen from Moon orbit