Tips for Learning and Practicing English from EC Students

Hi Students!

We’ve been practicing conditionals and future time clauses in our upper intermediate class. As a class exercise, we’ve put together some tips for learning and practicing! These tips are based on students’ own struggles, failures, and best practices.

Hopefully we can practice these during the break and make some of these our New Years resolutions 🙂


  1. Don’t skip work unless you are sick
  2. I won’t pass the level test until I study hard
  3. When you need a fast translation, use Google
  4. If you want to expand your vocabulary, read an English book
  5. As soon as you finish your English lesson, quiz yourself
  6. After finishing class, don’t speak in your native language
  7. Don’t change your studying plan unless you succeed
  8. Keep your notes in case you need them
  9. Review your lesson after you finish class
  10. Note or ask your teacher as soon as you have a question
  11. There’ll be no progress when you speak your own language all the time


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